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Guild Bank Available

Braclo / Oct 24, 2012
Tyrian Serenity now have a guild bank with 50 slots available to all members.
Feel free to store items into it that you don't need and that somebody else might be able to use.

Please be fair when taking items and do not just take items to sell. Consider replacing something you take with something else in your inventory and if it is armor/weapons your taking, consider placing your current armor/weapons in the bank then (if it is not soul bound of course) for other members of the guild.

To gain access to the bank, Guild Bankers can be found in all the major cities throughout Tyria.

To Note: The Guild bank is available to all the members of the Guild, so do not place stuff in there that you do not wish to be taken; so in other words, don't use the Guild Bank for your personal storage.


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